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Chaya wercberger asked 2 years ago
Hi Riva, I don’t have a question,but a comment. Thank you so much for your serial Enough. I totally understand why you were so taken by Reena.I was also so impressed by her nobility, subtle strength, a true ezer knegdo.  Her husband Moish is also such a wonderful person. I think maybe you can become a social worker, you understand people so well!

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Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 2 years ago
Thank you, Chaya, for such wonderful feedback! 🙂 And I’m so glad you appreciated the same qualities in Reenie and Moish as I did. As a writer, I have a lot more fun when I’m working with a cast of awesome characters. Writing about the villains puts much more of a damper on things! I am so blessed to have been given a certain intuitive understanding of people by the Ribbono Shel Olam and I hope to use it only for the best of things, b’ezras Hashem!
Much love,