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Yehudis Goldenberg asked 2 years ago

I enjoy your books (serials) very much.  I just don’t like when you put kidnappers and in 6• a brother who is so off that he’s dangerous.  It is too unrealistic.  Besides that, I enjoy reading your serials and look forward to the next week’s chapter.  Thank you!  Hatzlacha!!

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Hey, Yehudis! Thanks for your honest feedback and for taking the time to write. It’s always amazing for me to see how every person has their own view of reality–in your mind, there never could be a brother who is so extremely “off” that he can be dangerous, and yet I personally know a couple of very real individuals who would fit that bill! And hey, I was having a lot of fun with writing kidnapping scenes!!! Unrealistic? Um, just open a newspaper, unfortunately, . But I agree it’s not an ordinary occurrence, b”H.  Still, truth will always be stranger than fiction! I’m glad that aside from these two points you still enjoy my stories, so we can be friends, ‘kay? 🙂 Much love, Riva