Ask AwayCategory: Confidencehow do you think of ideas for your writing?
liba asked 2 years ago
i was wondering if you could help me out with – how do you think of ideas for your writing? do you just start writing, or do you have the plot planned out in advance? i need original topics for short stories or novels- i feel like my mind has completely run dry! adn i really want to write! i have yeshivanet, not internet access, so i cant even google for ideas…. any ideas for me!?! thanks!

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editor Staff answered 1 year ago
Hey, Liba! Such an awesome question! So it’s a very simple answer for me–no Google, no Yeshivanet, no fancy shmancy idea generators. I get all my ideas from regular ol’ real life. What that looks like, for me, is plain curiosity. All day, I’m interacting with people, with situations, with “moments” that can potentially be mined for story ideas. So what I do is I pay attention to what’s going on around me and casually store it in my brain for future use. The drawback is that my husband won’t let me face the crowd when we go out to eat; I’m way too busy watching the guy at the table next to us (single dad taking out his son? Hmmm….that would make a great character!) or the waitress who looks like she’s about to break down crying (Yes! That would make a great short story! The waitress is totally on-edge and then the patron leaves her this massive tip and…). You get the picture? 🙂 Most of all, it’s helpful to realize that creativity CAN’T run dry, simply because it is a spiritual force which makes it INFINITE. We must never buy into the myth that we CAN’T generate new ideas. Instead, what I try to do is let my mind run free and also daven a lot that Hashem send me the right ideas along with the most exquisite way of presenting them. Thanks for writing!  Love, Riva