Sara Greenfeld asked 2 years ago
Hey Riva,
I have a writer’s block. yeah, I know its common and you could succumb them easily but I feel like sometimes I can’t even hold my pen because there’s no ink inside. I’m so desperate to write sometimes not merely for the purpose of writing and the enjoyment – Don’t get me wrong, writing is vital for me – but to keep my head spinning and juicy with ideas, words, and phrases. The worst part is that once I feel like I can’t move on I start a different project which makes it even harder because I have loose threads hanging around. I have recently finished a novella which was a real milestone. I know, I sound complicated, but I need some desperate coaching. Thank you!!

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Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 2 years ago
Hey Sara! I’m so glad you wrote because honestly, I think EVERY SINGLE WRITER on any level will identify with your challenge. Am I right, people? 🙂
So the thing is that I have a LOT to say about this subject, and believe me, I speak from personal experience. But i can’t write it all here, so I’ll give you the super-condensed version, which is: writer’s block is a state where the writer gets stuck. Getting stuck is not necessarily a problem. If you make a wrong turn, you generally just correct yourself and get to where you’re headed just fine. In writer’s block, the problem is that we can start panicking and thinking that we’ll NEVER get out of this dark place, that we may as well throw in the towel (whether on this specific project or on writing as a whole!), that other people are doing this on Easy Street and we may as well face the fact that we are totally done. So the real problem with writer’s block is what we MAKE of it, how we turn it into a deep, dark dungeon from whence we may never, ever emerge. Blech!
My own personal approach to feeling stuck is to first of all, take a little breather. Going head-to-head with, well, my own head is usually not a very effective plan. Can you relate? 🙂 Then, I employ some other techniques which I’m gonna save for later. I’ll be posting regular blogs with helpful info on topics like this one, so stay tuned. And, of course, Masterpiece: Unite & Write, my incredible community for frum women writers, is a sure-fire cure for writer’s block and so many other ills :-). Hope this is helpful!  Love, Riva