lovetowrite asked 1 month ago
Where can I find opportunities to publish poetry?

1 Answers
Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 1 month ago
Hey lovetowrite! Poetry is one of those very ironic conundrums: it speaks to the soul and draws in the reader like no other genre, and yet somehow it has become passe these days. Although it’s difficult to publish poetry, it IS possible to publish. I know of at least one woman on Masterpiece, my online community for frum women who write ( who is publishing a book of poetry. We have lots of amazing poettes on Masterpiece who post some of their work for us to enjoy–and for them to earn the accolades they so deserve!

Of course, you could always explore the self-publishing option. While the cost of self-publishing can be quite steep, with today’s print-on-demand services, that option has become more affordable, if that’s what you’re looking for. Much hatzlacha and bracha! Love, Riva