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Esther asked 12 months ago
How do you bring many different, smaller stories together to make sense as a whole?

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Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 12 months ago
Hi Esther! Great question you’re asking. I always like to make my plot as diverse as possible in order to give food for thought to a wide variety of readers at the same time. However, it sounds like you’re not asking about plots and subplots; it sounds like you’re asking how to aggregate a bunch of smaller stories into one, consolidated story. If that’s what you’re wondering, I think it would depend how the stories are built and why you would want to weave them together. Do they naturally come together? Are they parts of a whole? If not, why do you want to unite them? If it’s for technical reasons, like trying to increase word count or because you lack a larger, overarching plotline for a full-length story, I would rethink the strategy and try something else. Stories that are comprised of grafted-together parts (Frankenstein-esque, if you will!) rarely come across as smooth and contiguous, no matter how fine the writing. Hatzlacha and bracha in every way! 🙂 Love, Riva