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Frady Berko asked 9 months ago
How will the Writing Academy work?

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editor Staff answered 9 months ago
Hey Frady! Great question! And I have, baruch Hashem, a great answer! After almost 2 years in the making, my online community for frum women who write has just launched! MASTERPIECE: UNITE & WRITE is a place for writers of all ages and stages (18+), from tech writers to poets, journalists and journalers. You can showcase your work, get gentle critique, brainstorm ideas, win prizes, and get noticed by publishers and editors! Check it out at! I’d love to have you there with me! 🙂
I will be rolling out my writing academy after I get the community underway, b’ezras Hashem. Sign up for my mailing list and you’ll stay updated when we launch the Academy (some great surprises in store with that project!).
Much love,