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Brocha Ortner asked 10 months ago
Hi, I love the idea of your writing academy, but I don’t do well with online forums-I’m looking for a writing club in Lakewood, NJ that does the same type of thing as Masterpiece. I have a 15 year old sister who would also love to join, but she’s too young and she also wants something concrete. Do you know of any weekly writing clubs (since you’re in the field) or know of any competent writers in Lakewood that would be able to run such a thing? Thank you!

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Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 10 months ago
Hi Brocha! Thanks for writing and it’s a great question. In fact, that’s exactly why I created Masterpiece (–to provide a safe, nurturing, creative space for frum women who write. I am not aware of any face-to-face writing groups, but maybe you could reach out to people in your community or check your local circulars to see if there might be something advertised. Or…start one yourself! 🙂 Much hatzlacha and bracha to you, and…write on!