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miriam asked 10 months ago
I am a thirteen year old writer,
I have looked for clubs like these for a while.
I was disappointed to see that this site is for 18 year old and older and would love to know if their are any sites for frum teenage writer’s that you can suggest!
Thanks so much!

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Riva Pomerantz Staff answered 10 months ago
Hi Miriam! Love your question, and you’ve definitely come to the write place :-)! I’ve had SEVERAL teens inquire about joining Masterpiece. There is a tremendous need for frum teen girls to have a safe, supportive, nurturing space where they can be creative and connect with like-minded girls in a positive way. I would definitely be open to creating a teen version of Masterpiece if there was enough of a demand for it. I am committed to keeping membership costs low (Masterpiece costs just $10/month in order to enable more women to come and rekindle their creativity!), and the costs of maintaining a platform like this are quite high, so I have to know that the volume is there. Why don’t you ask around your school/friends/relatives and let me know what kind of demand there would be for a Teen Masterpiece. I would definitely be on board with making it happen, b’ezras Hashem. It would be so awesome if we could make it work! 🙂 Much love, Riva