A kaleidoscope of flavors, thoughts, and personalities
ISBN 978-1-61465-074-4
AUTHOR Riva Pomerantz
COVER TYPE Hardcover



“The more I write, the more I see how the themes that bind us bring us even closer when explored. That is the driving force behind this collection.” – Riva Pomerantz
Meet people who struggle, people who triumph, and people who fall. Peek through masks that you may recognize-in yourself, or in others. A mother’s deep disappointment as she watches her daughter enter a problematic marriage. A devout woman galvanizing to oust a neighbor from her community. A woman’s battle to clean her house-and change her life. A family that rallies together in faith and acceptance beyond every reasonable expectation in the wake of a shattering accident. All this and more awaits you in these true and true-to-life accounts.
In Prisms, Riva Pomerantz, celebrated author of Green Fences, Charades, Breaking Point, and Breaking Free, has outdone herself once again. Its pages reveal vivid imagination and emotional depth, expressing thoughts and feelings that are in turn heart-wrenching, astoundingly real, and always uplifting.
Reconnect with memorable characters from the pages of Mishpacha magazine, savor some of the greatest stories that appeared on the award-winning Jewish website, and indulge in a delightful novella that takes frum fiction to new heights.
Like a prism reflecting beams of light, Riva Pomerantz’s colorful and illuminating collection will infuse your imagination with sparkle and light. So read and shine!


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