4 Sparkling Novellas

ISBN 978-1-61465-405-6
Author RIva Pomerantz
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 252

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Michal and Racheli Gellis may be sisters, but they couldn’t be more opposite. Will a heart-stopping disaster force the girls to finally appreciate each other for who they truly are?

Dina’s best friend has suddenly abandoned her in favor of the most popular, trendy girl in the class. Does fashion truly trump substance?

Baila’s always had more than enough money to buy anything she wants—and then some. Now that things are changing, how will she ever manage?

In this brand-new book for teens, bestselling author Riva Pomerantz will spirit you away to another place and time where you’ll encounter girls just like you, dealing with real-life challenges, emotions, and relationships. Watch how they work towards conquering their deepest fears and find the courage to triumph.