Beyond the Prism

A dazzling collection of illuminating stories



A dazzling collection of illuminating stories

A treasure trove of dreams, hopes, and personalities.

Here you will meet people who inspire, people who aspire, and people who perspire as they share their challenges! Filter their stories through the prism of your own life experiences, and a whole new picture emerges.

A couple who suddenly has no money to buy food for Pesach, and a couple who becomes instant millionaires. A woman who, after many childless years, embraces a very special baby…and a new mother who wonders if she’ll ever be able to accept the unexpected package she’s been given. Parents whose children struggle for survival in the hospital ward, and parents who must learn to set limits and let go. All these and more await you in the stories, both true and fictional, that sparkle on these pages.

In Beyond the Prism, Riva Pomerantz, celebrated author of Green Fences, Diamond Dust, Split Ends, and Flashback, once again delivers a dazzling collection of stories and essays. Be uplifted by the sweeping perspectives of this magnificent anthology as Riva shares her personal challenges and triumphs alongside those of the people she showcases. Treat yourself to a celebration of life in all its vibrant, intense, multi-hued glory.


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