The riveting serial that kept readers enthralled in Mishpacha magazine, now appearing with a never-before-seen ending and pages of new material!
ISBN 978-1-61465-413-1
Author Riva Pomerantz
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 382

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“I put so much into this job. It was…very important to me,” Ashi whispered. “I feel like…” His mouth twisted. “Like such a failure.”

Michal Abrams is a busy stay-at-home mommy who runs her home singlehandedly while her husband Ashi uses his work as a refuge from the haunting secrets of his past. All that changes, though, when Ashi loses his job… and, essentially, his very sense of self.

To help pay the bills, Michal lands a glamorous but demanding job as a party planner’s assistant…but now she’s the one who’s struggling to maintain the boundaries between work and home. Who’s going to pick up the pieces of her life while she dances to her boss’s every demand, ignoring her children’s needs in the process?

Bestselling author Riva Pomerantz wows us again with this latest novel, giving us a peek into the life of a couple as they grapple to define their hopes and dreams. Will they ever find balance? What happens as each of them flashes back on their past and looks toward their future?

The intriguing serial that kept readers fascinated in Mishpacha magazine is sure to entertain once again. Featuring a brand-new epilogue!