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  • All That Glitters

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  • Beyond the Prism

    A dazzling collection of illuminating storiesRead more
  • Breaking Point

    A powerful novel and realistic portrayal of a Jewish teen on the “fringe,” his struggle to regain his faith, and the delicate family balance: their fears, feelings, and unconditoinal love. ISBN 1-56871-333-9 AUTHOR Riva Pomerantz COVER TYPE Hardcover PAGES 255Read more
  • Green Fences

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  • Memoir Writing with Sarah Shapiro!

    This 2 1/2-HOUR workshop is GOLD! Listen as Sarah Shapiro, the memoir master, offers insight, perspective, and critique, along with Riva Pomerantz. Learn about a new publishing opportunity and how to get yourself motivated to write YOUR stories.Add to cart
  • Write Killer Short Fiction with Esther Kurtz!

    Celebrated fiction writer and novelist Esther Kurtz gives incredible, practical advice which will catapult your fiction-writing skills to the next level. A must-watch! Moderated by Riva Pomerantz.Add to cart
  • Diamond Dust

    The riveting serial that kept readers enthralled in Mishpacha magazine, now appearing with a never-before-seen ending and pages of new material! As she enters shidduchim, Yalli is bent on propelling herself toward a diamond-studded future that she’s sure will free her of the tentacles of the past. Yet shadows lurk beneath Yalli’s elegant and sophisticated exterior, reaching out their sharp claws to grab her at every turn. Can she defeat her childhood demons before they overwhelm her?Read more
  • Enough

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  • Navigating the Newlyweds

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  • Prisms

    A collection of short stories and articles, a potpourri of fiction and non-fiction, these riveting pages reveal vivid imagination and emotional depth, expressing thoughts and feelings that are in turn heart-wrenching, astoundingly real, and always uplifting. Like a prism reflecting beams of light, Riva Pomerantz’s colorful and illuminating collection will infuse your imagination with sparkle and light. Read more
  • Split Ends

    Author: Riva PomerantzRead more

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